Unit II: The History of Photography

In this unit, you will learn about the earliest photographic processes, how cameras work, and create both your own photographic paper and working camera.


Camera Obscura

Build a camera obscura at home. Below is an example of a camera obscura built at home by a group of my past students. The final image was taken inside that room with a digital camera.

Pinhole Camera

You will create a working pinhole camera and take amazing pictures with it. Here is a gallery of past student pinhole cameras and photographs to inspire you. The first photograph is of me taken with my own pinhole camera.

Camera Lucida

Camera Lucidas were used for drawing by the Renaissance masters. You will build your own. The following videos explain how tcamera obscuras were used to create amazing artworks.

Anthotypes and Cyanotypes

Sir William Herschel, lauded astronomer in the 1800s, created some of the earliest photographic processes. You will create both anthotypes and cyanotypes by mixing the chemistry for both of these processes. You will be amazed at the beautiful photographs that you can produce without a camera.

Videos about the History of Photography