ART 8/20 – 8/21: Element of Line


We will discuss the following ideas:

  1. What are the elements of art?
  2. The element of line

TAKE NOTES during class discussions. You will submit notes for credit each week. If you are absent, you must watch the Zoom video to get the notes.

If you were absent to any of the meetings this week, go to Google Classroom, where the recorded meetings have been posted under Classwork>Recorded Zoom Meetings.



  1. Finish your Zentangle.  Turn it in.  You will be asked to share in the next class 8/24:
    • TAKE A PICTURE AS YOU WORK– you will need THREE to turn in to show your progess.  If you didn’t take pictures as you work, then turn in your notes as progress (the form has space for three pictures)
    • Use only a half sheet of paper.
    • Use any writing instrument– pen, pencil, marker. Don’t color it
    • Create as many intricate, small patterns as possible. 
    • Take your time.  Do only about 1/4 of the page for now. 
    • Draw small and detailed. 
    • It shouldn’t look like anything specific, just lots of organized little doodles.  


Read the information in the above post, it contains Google Classroom codes, Zoom links, and information on what to do when you have problems with Zoom meetings.

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