Zhang_Jessie_Light Painting Reflection

I enjoyed the process of the light painting, because I learned about how to use my camera, and I can show what I want to say in my heart. The first images although when you see it, it’s a mess, but actually, it is a mess. I hold two glow sticks, and then I rotated myself, made the glow sticks go up and down. Actually, the color of the glow sticks are blue at first, but I use Photoshop to change it to orange, I think  orange represent the passion of my life, although my life is kind of mess up.

The second image also about ballet. I was wearing a “dress”. Sophia and Karen help me to draw the outline of that “dress”(I know it not that apparent). Although I don’t have a dress of ballet, but I think all of the girls have a dream to be a princess when they are a little girl.

The third image is a image that I am pointed on my pointed shoes, and we use the pink light to light my feet, and we use the laser pointer to light out the ribbon of my pointed shoes. At first the color of the whole image is pink not purple, but I use Photoshop to change the color to purple, because I want to show that although ballet looks beautiful and noble, but in order to become that kind of noble is pretty hard, and you have to pay a lot for that. Like me, in order to preformed well, my nail of my big toe have dropped twice.

The fourth images, I was standing there, and Sophia help me to use the glow stick that can change the color wind me. I think the route of the glow stick is like the constraint to me, sometimes I want to do whatever I want, but at that moment, I have to consider a lot of factors and rules that my parents mentioned to me, I really want to break them for once, but I never try it.

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