Xie, Bill, Pinhole Camera Research

  1. The photo I will talk about is the picture I took Wednesday. Location is front of our school. The background is our academic building and and the pumpkin form Hallowmas. At that time, we main used the ghosting to take it. Firstly, I opened the shade and let the light came in the camera. Tony Y was sitting at right side of the pumpkins. He was doing the meditation. Because the Wednesday was a hazy day. Thus we opened the shade for 50 seconds. Then I closed the shade. Tony Y changed his position immediately to other side of the pumpkins. And he was peering the pumpkins. And I kept it for other 50 seconds. We done our job.
  2. 3.


There is a truck in the picture, and maybe it was moving. The interesting place is when I see that, it’s really looks like this picture has really long history.

There are a lot of scarecrows in this picture. But actually there is only one scarecrow in it. This picture is using the ghosting. That is the reason it looks like there are a lot of scarecrows.

This picture was taking at a crossing. There is a building and some trees in this picture. But as we can see, the image didn’t full all the photograph paper.The reason is the author was using the vignetting.

This one is really similar than picture 3. They both using the vignetting. Thus there is some black around the picture. It looks fashion.

The road is moving far away. Because of the visual factors. It seems like the road became thiner and thiner. We can’t check the end of this road. It leave us abundant imagination.

4. The camera obscure is a kind of machine. It’s the ancestor of the camera. It took the light from outside and showed the image on a screen inside a camera obscure. The artistes  always used the camera obscure to draw. The construction of the camera obscure is very easy. It’s briefly made by a hole and a light tight stuff.

And the pinhole camera actually really similar than camera obscure. And it is very easy for us to make our own pinhole camera. How dose the pinhole camera work? When you open the shade, the light came inside the box, and started to show the image on the photograph paper which at the oppose side of the hole. After using the pinhole camera, then take off the photograph paper, put it into the special chemical for 3 mins. And you would see you image.

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