Wu Martin 5 Lighting Reflection






Martin Wu


Period 5

Light Painting Essay


I enjoyed the light-painting so much. Because the picture use light-painting so much. Because the picture that taken was really, It also inspired me how to be creative. For the circle picture i used a application in my phone, it can setting colors . And then i let my buddy to draw a circle in the air. And then the colourful picture appeared. Another one is doing dance action in ground, and the picture show’s diving on the sky. Actually the rest two use the same tactics. I also use Pre- Focus as well.

My challenge is the measure of the time, and think creative way, if i treat seriously they it really happened.

The most important things that i learn, it need to be patience and i know some camera settings. It make me totally more love photographs.


Additional Paragraphs

The things that i also know is the camera’s Aperature and Pre-Focusing, and the difference between Auto- Focusing and Pre- Focusing. The different places use Different ISO. I also learn how to set up the tripod as well. This project will be a unforgettable project ever .

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