6 Tian, Andy, self introduction

I have a really nice family, and I’m very proud of my family not because it is a very huge family, is because all the people in  my family is succeed, here is some introduction.

My brother and my sister are study in the United States,and all are good schools, and also my dream is also go to the university in the US.       This is my uncle, he is a very succeed man, at first, yet he had no idea what he gonna do, but then he achieve the success that he wants.My mom, I think she is a superman.She almost can do every thing. Then let’s talk about me, I am a high school student and I like to play sport, and my favorite subject is Maths and history, especially the Europe history. And I like to play chess, I play chess when I am a children, and I think playing chess can let be wise and be smart. So this is my family intro auction, do you get it?

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