Qingdao Beer Museum

Today, my family and I went to the Qingdao Beer Museum!   This happened on the date October 12th, 2017.   We went there because it was a field trip.   In the morning of that day, we were deciding if we were going to take a Metro or a car.   We decided we would take a car.   We finally arrived at a Taidong shopping steet where we got street food and 3 delicious lemonades.  After that, we started walking to the Beer Museum that is on Beer Street.   We finally arrived at the Qingdao Beer Museum, and we saw a bunch of stuff.  We even saw how they made beer!   We also saw a lot of trophies the beer has won and how many countries drink the beer.  The museum had many games to play.  One of them was a beer submarine, and another was a place called the Drunken House. Inside the Drunken House, it made you feel like the world is tipping!   This is one of my favorite places we have been to!

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