Project: A-Z Photography


  1. To photograph making deliberate composition choices.
  2. To apply basic editing to photographs using Adobe Photoshop.


Due Dates:

  1. First 9: Sept 4
  2. Second 9: Sept 8
  3. Last 8: Sept 11
  4. Edited Files: Sept 18
  5. Banner:  October 2

Blog Posts:

To post your entries on the class blog, create an entry for each of the deadlines using the following settings:

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Tags: A-Z, Alphabet, First Set (Or second Or third), composition

PDF Files


You will create a series of photographs depicting the alphabet using unexpected objects.  This assignment will teach you to view the world with a creative eye and to apply photography and Photoshop techniques to obtain better photographs. 


You can use any camera for this assignment, including your camera phone

  • Shoot Vertical
  • Be creative
  • Do not use letters from signs.
  • Fill the frame
  • Do not stage letters
  • Shoot in color
  • Letters can be flipped. Stretched, reversed
  • Do not repeat a photograph to make another letter


  • Keep background simple or blurred.
  • Make sure object is sharp
  • Use contrast (object stands out because it is different in color, texture, or shape)
  • Change your perspective/angle. Get high, get low!
  • Use concentric shapes (shape inside a shape)
  • Use shadows to make object stand out.
  • Use shapes that are unique, unexpected, funny

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