Presentation Rubric










  1. Be prepared– practice ahead of time, know what you will say.
Speaker is not prepared at all.  Presentation is not organized.  Difficult to understand Speaker fumbles through presentation because of little preparation.  Presentation is scattered, confusing.  Speaker may stutter or pause too much.  Audience is mostly lost. It is evident that speaker has prepared, but speaker may pause at times due to lack of practice.  Speaker makes small vocabulary errors or speech wanders off course too much. Speaker knows what to say and is confident.  Speaker uses relevant vocabulary correctly.  The speech is organized.
  1. Use visual aids and other materials to keep audience engaged
Speaker does not have materials ready, or materials are not effective.  Audience is bored. Few visual aids, and these are not effective.  Audience struggles to maintain interest due to lack of engagement. Speaker has some visual aids, though they are not entirely effective or ready.  Speaker has clearly made an effort. Speaker has effective presentation materials, such as a slideshow, images, or handouts.  Audience is engaged with these materials
  1. Be relaxed and socially engaged with audience
Speaker makes audience uncomfortable by seeming unengaged with audience.  Speaker is withdrawn and/or nervous. Speaker is nervous but attempts to engage audience (though somewhat ineffectively).  Eye contact is intermittent, speaker is stiff but trying to relax. Speaker is slightly nervous, but he/she clearly tries to engage audience by smiling, making eye contact, etc. Speaker is relaxed, smiles, makes eye contact.  Speaker makes audience feel at ease.
  1. Project your voice (speak loudly and clearly).
Speaker mumbles and cannot be heard by audience. Speaker speaks too softly and can somewhat be heard, though audience must make an effort. Speaker can be heard, though there are times when he/she needs to speak more loudly.  Most of the audience can still understand. Speaker can be heard from all corners of the room.  Speaker pronounces words clearly.
  1. If presenting with a team, make sure everyone has equal time.
Some team members do not present much while others dominate. One team member dominates presentation and other team members seem unsure of their roles Some team members have more prominent roles than others, but all team members present. All team members have a clear role that is equivalent during the presentation.  All team members are engaged.

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