PHOTO AGENDA 03/09 – Light Painting Project

Document specifications

  1. Document must measure: W= 420mm H=297mm Borders= 30pixels per inch (guides are 30mm away from the edges)
  2. Crop image: W=165mm , H = 103mm Resolution= 300 W= 300 pixels per inche
  3. Edit each image and include the following layers: a. Curves b. Hue / Saturation layer
  4. Use either LIQUIFY or WARP to edit your image so that it looks better.
  5. Include a creative title on bottom right hand corner of the document.
  6. Save document as a PSD with this name: pd_Last_first_LPfinal
  7. Submit as a  JPG

When finished, your file will look the the one below:




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