This week, you will learn about Camera Obscuras and build a camera of your own.

  1. Choose a staff member for A-Z assignment
  2. PSD vs. JPG
  3. A-Z file requirements
  4. Camera obscura introduction


Begin editing your A-Z files for your assigned staff member.












  1. Many of you owe me Elements of Art images.  Get these posted for partial credit immediately.
  2. Work on he Unit Vocabulary for the Elements of Art Unit.  Vocabulary is due on Friday, 10/11
  3. Bring a box for your pinhole camera, due Friday, 10/11
  4. You should have a DSLR camera for work.  If you do not, get one ASAP.  You will begin doing homework with your DSLR next week.  You will also need a tripod.
  5. If you plan to use the computer lab for file editing, you must save your work to a USB so that your files do not get lost or deleted.  Bring a high capacity (8gb or more) USB to class starting Monday, 10/16

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