PHOTO AGENDA 10/31: Pinhole Camera

On the internet, research the following.

  1. Unusual Pinhole Cameras
  2. Camera Obscuras around the world
  3. Photographers and artists who use camera obscuras and pinhole cameras.


Create an entry on the website that includes the following:

Entry Title: Last name, First name, Pinhole Camera Research
Category: Photo Student
Tags: Pinhole camera, research

  1. Describe a picture that you want to take with your pinhole camera.  Use your answers from your previsualization worksheet.
  2. Five pictures from your research (pinhole camera examples, photographs taken with pinhole cameras, pictures of camera obscuras.
  3. Describe what each image is and why it’s interesting.
  4. Two paragraphs discussing what camera obscuras are, what a pinhole camera is, and what other information you found online.

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