PHOTO UNIT 2: The Elements of Art in Photography

In this unit, you will learn about the elements of art as they apply to photography.  Studying the elements of art will you aware of the artistic choices you have available when photographing.  Using these elements will allow you to create meaningful, visually-striking photographs.



  1. For each of the Elements of Art, take three or more photographs that exemplify each element to its fullest.  Post these images to a separate post on this webpage.
  2. When posting the elements photographs, use the following category: photography student, elements of art
  3. The tag should be the name of the element
  4. IncLude your name in the tags





You will encounter these words during the unit.  Write a definition (in your own words) for each word and use it in a sentence correctly

  1. Analogous Color
  2. Balance
  3. Color
  4. Color scheme
  5. Complementary Color
  6. Contrast
  7. Depth
  8. Depth of field
  9. Emphasis
  10. Foreground
  11. Form
  12. Line
  13. Monochromatic
  14. Negative space
  15. Pattern
  16. Proportion
  17. Repetition
  18. Rhythm
  19. Rule of Thirds
  20. Shape
  21. Space
  22. Texture
  23. Tonal range
  24. Value
  25. Variety



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