Period4, Tony Li, Self-Introduction

Tony Li

Period 4

9/5 2017


My name is Tony Li. I am a 17 year old student who studying at Pegasus California school. My favorite subject is biology. Ice-skating is my favorite sport because I cannot feel hot when I am skating. I never fall down in the skating parking, but sometimes I cannot keep balance sometimes. I’d like to spend most of my free time to listening music and playing games. Most of the time, I play computer games such as Overwatch and Dishonored with my friend. I love doing biology experiments because it gives me a lot of fun, and I can learn a lot of knowledge during the process. I joined the biology summer camp of UC Berkeley last summer vacation. I was really exciting because I could stay in the lab for four hours a day, and I made some friends in the college. My dream is going to a nice university to study bio-engineering. I also like to make something special like biscuits with special shapes sometimes.


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