2, Samantha Mosqueda. Family and I

Me My Family And More
Hi my name is Samantha but u can call me sam, and I am 13 years old. I was born in California, San bernardino. Things that I enjoy very much is playing soccer that is one of my favorite hobbies I have been playing for 7 years, I also enjoy ice skating because it’s just a fun thing to do. Playing soccer is even more fun when I play it with my family. My family are the best people you’ll ever meet because there fun, funny and very nice.Like my dad he is very funny and is a great cook, and my mom is very smart and helpful and my brother is funny and very intelligent.I also have two amazing dogs that listen very much. I have some family in California, and I miss them very much because they where fun to be around. Other things that I enjoy doing is going to the beach. The beach is the best place to go because when its hot you can go in the water and have fun. Another thing about me is that I miss my friends back home, on my birthday they would bring me the best gifts ever and my friends and I would go to the movies together all the time. They would also bring me starbucks.

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