P5 Long Alice Artist Research

Dean Chamberlain

According to introduction online, he’s the father of light painting. I believe light painting appeared earlier than 1967, but Chamberlain was the one who invented the term “light painting”. He went to institution to pursue a degree in fine art. I believe this is what gave him technological support for him to do light painting. In his artwork we can see his talent. A lot of his pictures were not tracking the light movement but tracking the tracks it leaves on objects. He used different light to color objects, and then shoot these dyed objects. His use of color was dreamlike. A lot of bright colors appeared in his photo, but they never seemed noisy or crowded. They worked well together to create a wonderland. I guess his inspirations mainly came from his fancy.

Dean Chamberlain

Patrick Rochon

This artist was famous at light painting portrays. He was a full time light painting photographer but famous in automotive world as well. One thing I really love about him is that he love to think of inspirations while he was working on big works. He also stayed in Japan for ten years just because when he went to an exhibition there he fell in love with the city. I can tell he’s an activist. A lot of his art works demonstrate human faces in a demonic way. The realistic faces contradict with the horrible light, thus creating a sense of absurdity. These portrays can transfer feelings and emotions that cannot be described in language.

Dana Maltby

He is remarked as one of the most well-known artist. I can tell that he is very good at shape and pattern. These techniques he used was shared willingly to the mass. (I would say that these talented people are not afraid of sharing, for they are confident enough) He was a forefront photographer in light painting world, for he uses creative tools to help paint the picture. His inspirations came from daily basis, but he can create such astonishing and powerful pictures. By looking at his picture, you can  feel power floating in a steady but strong way, like religious symbols.

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