5 Light Paintin Artists -Jasmine Yuan

“When I look through the viewfinder of my camera I see much more than just an image. I see a window of visions into the wonderful emotions, angles, light, shadows, colors, curves and lines that converge in a moment in time.” from his website.

Michael Ross‘s work is one of those special cases where you begin by enjoying the simple beauties of his work, and yet the more you look through it, the more you realize just how nuanced and controlled his light painting photography is.” from other news review.

As for me, I think his works are really amazing when I first look through his works. And all of his work are pretty simple but they can provide me a complex emotions. Also they can reminde me of some special memories.

When he try to take light painting pictures, he will first make a plan. Also bring all his equipments and materaials at night.

Although this is may not the most famous image of him,  I look at  this image while looking through his sample reels and  I fall in love with it because it produces a feeling of mystery that aroused my curiosity.

And here is his own website: http://www.michaelrossart.com/



“JanLeonardo’s techniques base upon choreographical manipulated light in combination with performance art, time and photography. Apart from light painting and performance design the artist engages in exclusive product and landscape illuminations. JanLeonardo specializes in photographic solutions without involving levels and digital composing.” from other news review and peer evaluation.

This is one of his artifects. I like this because I think this blue image gives me a nature and peaceful perceive.  The flower’s  pistil is seemed to display the vigorous growth power while the condition is sleepy and silent. The contrast of them provides a amazing view.

And the why he likes light painting, because light painting can bring him a strong feeling of happiness. And before he does light painting, he also will make a plan which including the objects and setting. Thus, he could have a more efficient working time.


“I also was able to walk around and get into the picture and that was, I thought, a lot of fun. Instead of being a “decisive moment. ”  according to his interview.

“Photographer David Lebe was born in New York, New York in 1948. He attended the Philadelphia College of Art from 1966-1970 and subsequently taught there for 18 years. David is known for a variety of different photographic techniques including the use of pinhole cameras, hand coloring, and photograms.”  receive from Light-Painting-Artist wesite.

After  I look through all his artfects, I discoverd most of his working is made of black and white. For me, it is a new style. Not only  that convert my oipnion of black-white picture, I used to think it can only used in funerals for shoowing their serious and sadness, but also I am interseted in this new expression.

Reading through his webset, I find out that this artist also has some good habits such as making plans, find models and prepare for tripod and caneras. The energy for him doing light painting is also fun and happiness. Although some of the artists has the same habits and same intentions for doing light painting, their photo style are not same at all.  Maybe that is why each artists can give us a unusual and different visual impacts. That makes our photography more abundant and attract more people to join it.

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