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Lucy Gao 



About My Family

My name is Lucy, which means sunshine in French. I’m from Asia, Shandong, Binzhou. Which is a small city near by Bohai. Two years before, I came to Qingdao.The favorite thing for me is eating, however, while people asking me I’ll tell then reading. Yes, I enjoying read very much. I read books while listen music during my free time. Sometimes, when it comes to subject reading with English literature, I become lazy.  

I have three cousins now. One of them are young, she is one and a half year old only; her elder sister, my another cousin, who will going to be seventh grade student. And the last cousin, is the second eldest in my father’s big family. He is boy who is really good at playing basketball and running. Though I’m already eleventh grade, I’m still the youngest in my mother’s big family. My elder cousin is already 26 years old this year, he is the eldest for my mother’s family. And my elder sister — the second eld person, she is really good at studying. She is reading in Peking University, which is the top university in China. For this year, she is the exchange students for her university to Chicago University. 

For my own family, I have my mom, my dad, and myself. I don’t have any brother/ sister in my own family, even if I really wish I have one. Many years before, we got a pet fish called “WangCai”, he is my best friend for my whole life, he can swimming in the water and follow my direction. Finally, he is too sick, his body color become dark black and he died. I have had a pet dog. I was afraid of him, but I always try to play with him. He is friendly, I always feeding him, and he become my another best friend. However, I lose him for some reason. Since there are too many bad memories for me to remember, I choose to give up, so I don’t want to have any pet now. My grandparents have a pet dog, he can smile and he is really cute. He is old but still friendly and nice. 

This year is the third year for me at Pegasus, I made lots of new friends from everywhere around China and everywhere around world. I improve my skill of speaking English; I improve my independence of my own life; I can choose the better and more healthy lifestyle for myself which really benefits for my in the future and now. I have my boyfriend who came to our prom last time. He is hot with friendly, kindness, sweet, positive and so on. He always try to helping me with mathematical and so much important information about my life. He is reading in Chinese high school. I believe I will see him October 1st.  

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