Martin Wu Pinhole Camera Reflection

Dark Room Experience
I never think students can make camera until when I come to Mrs.Scarff’ Lesson. And then we started to make ourself’s camera. Actually it not difficult to make camera, But it has little bit difficult to make sure it works perfectly.
Our camera unfortunately it’s not working.In that cases, I use Mrs.Scarff’s camera.It must loading very carefully.
Which means light can not touch photograph paper. If light hit the paper, it’s failed.When loading was finish I have idea what should I do right now.
My idea is to create a ghost!But it need to control the time. And also can not keep very closer to the camera.Then I give the camera three different pose each ten seconds. Finish take picture, then I go back to darkroom to develop the picture. Actually I was really enjoy the process of develop. Finally I use lamp to make it positive. Only one hit is enough.
Finally it must be a perfect positive one.

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