LP Presentation Jimmy_Gao P5

Before I learn photography, I even don’t know what photography really is, all I know is the great photo taker, they use their magic camera to take the photos that we even can not imagine it. I also don’t know there so many kind of lens, actually, when I take the photography class at the first time, I even don’t know what the lens is. I don’t know why that the lens is more expensive then camera itself.

There lots of things I don’t know in the photography world, all I know is just one tiny bit of the whole ice berg. But is fun enough, I mean, be a good model and a good photo taker is funny.( Most of time, I am a model) It’s fun that work in a dark room, and it can motivate our deep dark fantasy. Sometimes we can see nothing, but we can create the great work, everybody is an artist during that time, because of our deep dark fantasy, we can think about lots of funny pictures.

Is kinda sad, because I can not really remember the each buttons’s position and how they work, so mostly, I will be the model. This picture, I imagine I am the super hero called green light, I think is really fun.

This one is me and my teammate, we try to write a vocabulary, who, it’s lots of fun.

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