5 Long Alice, Pinhole Camera Reflection


Team picture:



In this project, I understand that photography is not only an expensive-equipment-only skill. It can be done by simple boxes. It comes from real life, and beautify the real life. It can be done by very cheap devices, as long as we process it. I think I would remember the way of building pinhole camera. And the idea of art of recycling, which has inspired me to try out new stuff instead of sticking on a conservative point. The camera, the darkroom and the cool pictures, they all come from normal daily materials. They are available all the time. But I never thought of transforming them into artworks.Also, the whole procedure isn’t as complicated as I thought. This whole subject isn’t as hard as I thought. Now I feel more confident to try new things freely.

We successfully built a light tight camera, but it didn’t take nice pictured. The exposure time was totally unpredictable. But I liked the photo taken from it. In the future, I want to try different materials to build a pinhole camera. Also I want to practice ghosting and vignetting. Also, I want to play with light and shadow more. I think it is super cool to from a picture just by black and white.


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