5-Yuan-Jasmine-Pinhole Carema Reflection

Jasmine and her camera






In the first image Jasmine is sitiing on the playground ,beside her there is a football and there is a basketball stand in the distance. As you can see, the theme is about PE.  I think this image is my best positive. Not only this image is clear and theme-explicting but also space ,form and Diagonal line.

In the second image jasmine or mary  is walking in playground. We try to make a goasting.

In the thrid image I use the used Halloween’s pumkins to make vertical line and forms.


Our pinhole camera

This is my first time go to dark room. I feel very excited .I still remeber : I went into the dark room which is in a toliet I could not see anything in first monent. I just walked by touching the wall and prayed please do not give me a trip. Perhaps the subjects could understand me, they did not give a trick.

Also, the process of making pinhole was a little bit winding. We tried to make perfect at first. We Sprayed paint very carefully and dug a extremely sizable hole that we had to do it twice. While we were testing our light tight with excitment . Only our camera did not pass at all! The paper was full of darkness! How disappointed we were~~Luckily, Mrs Scarff found the wrong place quickly . We tried a  new way to make shutter and did not spend much time.

By this project I knew how to assign our work. Before I action, I would better know what is this process’s theory to avoid some of the unnecessary trubles. After fixing up,our camera works well and it took a few excellent pictures. That make me feel a feeling of scuess and happiness. The failure was that we spent more time on doing unmeanful things .Our efficiency is in a low standard. Cause we did not have a exact goal. If  I can have another time, I perfer make a plan or priority first.

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