Hong Kong

2 weeks ago, I went to Hong Kong with my family.   We stayed at a place called the regal hotel.   It had soft beds and in the morning they gave you pancakes, eggs, doughnuts, and waffles.   After that, we went to Victoria park and we saw fast toy boats racing in the water.   We also saw the Victoria arts corner which had people selling little souvenirs.      Next, we all went on a boat ride around Hong Kong harbor.   They gave me a free coke and my sister got a free tea.  The boat as made out tires, wood, and ropes.   Right after that, we walked next to a cannon that was locked up in a cage. 





After, a hour of trying to find the Western Market we all got some bread from there and I got a jade turtle, 5 post cards, and a figure of Buddha.   Soon after that, we walked on a pier to a fairy ride that we went on to see this place called The Garden Of Stars which had a statue of Bruce Lee.   We ate Indian food I ate the rice with carrots and peas I also ate teaka masala and naan bread.   Soon after that, we went to a place called Women Street which had dancers, markets, and food.


We all had fun on this trip!!!!!!!!!!!!


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