Hmwk: Basic Grammar Correction.

Write down the following sentences on a piece of paper and correct them for basic grammar.  Please reference the Basic Grammar slideshow if you have questions.  On the top left of your paper, please include the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Period
  • Date
  • Assignemnt name
  1. the last thing i remember was saying i dont need a parachute
  2. i dont mind rules(as long as they dont apply to me .)
  3. yesterday we walk to the park and we see mrs scarff try to do tai chi
  4. there were a squirrel yesterday eating nut outside my window it was cute
  5. as the snakes slither towards me i think maybe this was a bad idea
  6. she love cat dog and all furry animals except for mouses she dont like them
  7. dont you love english class?i think its the best class in the world
  8. i think you should read a book called me talk pretty one day by david sedaris its funny
  9. this is very unfair!I saw those chicken first
  10. sometimes i think u are not smart(and feel bad)but then you say something really dumb and i realize i was right

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