E9 AGENDA 12/21: Your stories

  1. Finish reading The House on Mango Street
  2. Practice using figurative language
  3. Type all of your House on Mango Street vignettes and add two more for a total of 15 vignettes
    • Use the following format: Font- Times New Roman 12pt.  Double spaced.  One inch margins.
    • All writings should be in ONE document, with each writing on its own page.
    • Save the file as PD_Last_First_vignettes.
    • You may turn in either Word or PDF files
    • Organize the writings so that they are in the same order as the list below.
    • Add your own creative title to each vignette, Center and Bold your title.
    • Add FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE to each of your vignettes.  Refer to the figurative language slideshow
      (Name, number of prompt/Assignment)
      1.   Vignette of your choice 12/18
      2.   Vignette of your choice 12/18
      3.   About the Women in your life 12/14
      4.   Imitate “The Monkey Garden” (write about a painful experience that helped you grow up) 12/11
      5.   Imitate “Bums in the Attic” (write about the house of your dreams) 12/06
      6.  Imitate “Four Skinny Trees,” (Write an extended metaphor about yourself) 12/04
      7.   House on Mango Street: Imitation Vignette, pages 40-67 12/01
      8.    Face-related writing 11/30
      9.  Imitate “A Family of Little Feet” (write a vignette about feet or        shoes) 11/29
      10.    House on Mango Street: Imitation Vignette pages 31-40 11/27
      11.    House on Mango Street: Imitation Vignette, pages 14-30 11/22
      12.    House on Mango Street: Imitation Vignette, pages 1-13 11/21
      13.    About my name 11/17
      14.    Hand-related writing 11/16
      15.    Neighborhood writing 11/15

HOMEWORK: Do your homework by hand. Do not type your homework.

  • Over the break, finish typing and editing ALL of your vignettes.  Follow the formatting instructions above.
  • For extra credit, create a drawing for FIVE of your vignettes.  Photograph the drawing so that you can copy and paste it into your document.

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