E9 AGENDA 10/18-19: A Sound of Thunder

  1. Set up English Binders
  2. Go over the Writing Section of your English Writing
  3. Go over the Vocabulary Section of your English Binder
  4. Read Ray Bradbury – A Sound of Thunder_plain

HOMEWORK:  Do your homework by hand.  Do not type your homework. 

Work on your vocabulary, which is due on October 17th.

Look at the list of vocabulary exercises in your binder and choose one to complete for your words.

Collect THREE words that you do not know from each of the stories that you read so far

  1. Raymond’s Run
  2. Story of an Hour
  3. The Lady or the Tiger
  4. All Summer in a Day
  5. The Necklace
  6. The Lottery
  7. Raymond’s Run
  8. A Sound of Thunder


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