E9 AGENDA 12/10: Mango Street – Women

  1. Read The House on Mango Street to page 91 “A Smart Cookie”
  2. Write a vignette similar to “Bums in the Attic,” where you discuss what your future house might look like.  Use figurative language.

HOMEWORK: Do your homework by hand. Do not type your homework.

  • There are many vignettes on The House on Mango Street about the women in Esperanza’s world: Minerva, Sally, Mamacita, Rafaela, her own mother.  Write a paragraph discussing what life is like for these women in general and how Esperanza views them.  Whom does Esperanza admire?  What do you think is Esperanza’s attitude towards these women?
  • Vocabulary: Choose TEN words from The House on Mango Street, choose one of the exercises in the Binder_Vocabulary section

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