E9 AGENDA 11/03: Flash Fiction Draft 2

  1. Flash fiction feedback discussion
  2. Discussion of proofreader’s marks
  3. Discussion of the CEMETERY OF DEAD WORDS

HOMEWORK:  Do your homework by hand.  Do not type your homework. 

  • Binders are due Monday! Check the binder list.
  • Write draft 2 of your flash fiction.  Incorporate all the edits suggested by Mrs. Scarff.  Look at the Common Grammar Mistakes Slideshow if you are not sure how to fix basic mistakes. When finished writing your draft, submit it on PlusPortals as a PDF or Word document.  The name of your file must be PD_Lastname_Firstname_Flash2.
  • Grammar Homework for the week: Sentence Diagramming Exercises: Chapter 2, all exercises (2.0: 1-5; 2.1: 1-5, 1-10
  • Vocabulary for the week: Life Hunt: Hunt for 10 words in your daily life.  Choose one of the exercises in the Vocabulary Section

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