E9 AGENDA 10/30: Flash Fiction

  1. Check Grammar homework from last week.  New Grammar homework.
  2. Discuss Flash Fiction
  3. “Show, don’t tell”
  4. Plot chart
  5. Narrator choice

HOMEWORK:  Do your homework by hand.  Do not type your homework. 

  • Create an updated Plot Chart for your story.
  • In the WRITING section: Finish writing your flash fiction story.  If necessary, change your narrator.  Add more showing vs. telling.
  • Grammar Homework for the week: Sentence Diagramming Exercises: Chapter 2, all exercises (2.0: 1-5; 2.1: 1-5, 1-10
  • Vocabulary for the week: Life Hunt: Hunt for 10 words in your daily life.  Choose one of the exercises in the Vocabulary Section

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