E11 AGENDA 11/15-11/19: The Crucible Movie

  1. Watch The Crucible Movie
  2. The_Crucible_-_Movie_Questions

HOMEWORK:  Do your homework by hand.  Do not type your homework. 

  • Work on The_Crucible_-_Movie_Questions
  • Binders will be due after Thanksgiving break– November 26th
  • WRITING: Half a page:  What are some of the differences between the movie and the play?  Why do you think these changes were made (explain)?  What are some things that surprised you about the movie version of The Crucible?
  • WORKSHEET: Look at your Anticipation Guide worksheet and fill out the second column.  in the WRITING section of your binder, answer the question at the bottom of the worksheet (at least half a page)

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