E11 AGENDA 12/10: Thesis & Theme

  1. Check Outline, paragraphs I, II, and II
  2. How is theme developed?
    1. Themes are developed by authors through the following ways: 
      • What happens – key events.
      • Characters – character qualities, character actions and how characters respond to situations may all relate to theme.
      • Character development – the ways characters change, and the lessons they learn indicate themes for the reader.
      • Conflict – what causes conflict and how it is resolved links to theme.
      • Relationships – the qualities which the novel shows are important for strong relationships may relate to themes.
      • Dialogue and internal character thoughts – characters may say or think something which directly relates to a theme.
      • Setting – how the society acts, the values of a society, the societies which are presented as evil and good indicate themes.
      • Setting – some settings are symbolic, which means they represent emotions, ideas and people. What is represented might relate to a theme.
      • Symbolism – symbols often relate to themes.
      • Structure – the contrast between the beginning and the end can help you understand a theme. Also, focus on the ending or climax of the story. If the hero succeeds the theme is probably positive, if they lose it is probably negative, if it is a bit in between the theme probably offers up a positive and negative view of people and society.
  3. Share & edit thesis statements
  4. Using Quotes summary paraphrasing 2018
  5. Work on outline, paragraphs IV and V

HOMEWORK:  Do your homework by hand.  Do not type your homework. 

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