E11 AGENDA 02/01 – Sources

Mrs. Scarff is out today.  Today, you will read about reliable and unreliable sources.

  • Read the following handout: Finding Reliable Sources
  • Do the following activity: For each of the following UNTRUE claims, find a website that has information that supports the untrue claim.  Write the website address where you found the misleading information. Write a misleading (or false) quote from the site that claims something untrue. Looking at your Reliable Sources worksheet, what clues did you have that the information was not reliable?
    1. Global warming is not real
    2. Vaccines are not good for you
    3. The earth is flat
    4. The holocaust did not happen
    5. Michael Jackson is still alive
  • Find at least THREE reliable sources for your own essay.  Collect information from these sources tonight.  If your essay is personal, you may use a quote from literature or a famous person as your source.  We will discuss how to cite sources in class tomorrow.


  •  Now that you have revised your introduction, begin writing body paragraph number one.  Most of you had to revise your thesis in some way.  Make absolutely sure that your thesis has a topic, a statement, and a how/why.
  • You will submit your work tomorrow 2/2 on Plus Portals
  • 01/30: Below are annotated versions of your first paragraph.  Edit your introduction according to the comments I give you.  Do your outline, but do not begin writing your paragraphs yet.  I will put the edited versions here.     In the future, please submit files as PDF or Word, name them in the format you see below– any deviation will affect your grade.

If you don’t see yours, it was not submitted at all  or was not in the proper format.  You must resubmit immediately.

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