E11 AGENDA 10/18 – The Atlantic Slave Trade


  1. Binders: Writing Section
  2. Discuss The Interesting Life of Olaudah Equiano
  3. Explore The Middle Passage
  4. Slideshow: Slavery and the Triangular Trade
  5. Watch video:  The Atlantic Slave Trade


  • Read “Of Plymouth Plantation” by William Bradford
  • As you read, collect a minimum of five words that you do not know.  Write these down.  You will later use these words for vocabulary exercises.
  • Answer the following questions in the WRITING SECTION of your English binder (Answer in complete sentences, 2-3 sentences per answer):
    1. What happens to the colonists during “the starving time”?
    2. Who is Squanto?
    3. Clarify in what ways did the Wampanoag help the colonists survive?


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