E11 AGENDA 6/4-6/6 : Walt Whitman

  1. Introduction to American Realism; Holt Romanticism to Realism 1855-1870
  2. Read: Poetry by Walt Whitman
  3. Schmoop is a literary analysis website.  You must click NEXT to find all the information about the text.


  • Due June 8: Vocabulary – file name is pd_last_first_vocab1: 15 words from reading.  Write a letter, story, or poem using these words correctly.  Underline all vocabulary words.

Due June 6: Type all your homework.  Use 12pt Times New Roman, double spaced, one inch margins.  The name of the file is pd_last_first_whitman.

  • For each poem, TYPE one page of notes.  Use SCHMOOP sites as a reference.
  • For each poem, TYPE a half page of reaction and literary analysis.  What does the poem mean to you?  What devices were used and how?


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