E11 AGENDA 6/8-6/13 : Emily Dickinson

  1. Introduction to American Realism; Holt Romanticism to Realism 1855-1870
  2. Read: Emily Dickinson
  3. Reference: Shmoop and Cliffnotes


Due June 13: Type all your homework.  Use 12pt Times New Roman, double spaced, one inch margins.  The name of the file is pd_last_first_dickinson

  • Write a one page report (short essay) about Emily Dickinson’s background and her poetry style.  Be careful not to plagiarize.  Put everything into your own words.
  • Choose TWO of the poems in the reading to analyze.  Emily Dickinson is not an easy poet to read, so use the reference websites along to help you. Write ONE PAGE analyzing two of her poems for theme (meaning) and literary devices.
  • These two pages should be turned in as ONE document with the name pd_last_first_dickinson
  • 15 vocabulary words are due next Friday, June 15. Binder_Vocabulary Exercises.  Pd_last_first_vocab2
  • Turn in your two files on WeChat.

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