E9 AGENDA 6/9-6/15: Break Week 2

  1. We will be working on a class recipe book.
  2. Please read the Recipe Project.
  3. You will submit an original family recipe in both English and Chinese
  4. You will submit a narrative relating to that recipe (a story about the origin of the recipe)
  5. Answer the questionnaire on the Recipe Project document.  It will help you come up with the information for your narrative.  Copy and paste the questions on to a new document.
  6. Here is an example of the  Recipe Project Completed (please note that this example does not include a Chinese version, but yours will.  Only the recipe needs to be translated, not the narrative)


  • Submit your narrative questions by Monday, June 11 through WeChat.
  • Copy and paste the questions from the document so that you can answer them in BLUE.. File name is pd_last_first_recipequestions.
  • Copy and paste the recipe template included in the Recipe Project file.
  • Narrative and recipes are due on June 15 as pdf or word document: pd_last_first_recipe.
  • Please ask for help via WeChat if you have questions.

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