E11 AGENDA 10/24- Puritan Poetry

  1. Discuss grammar homework – Diagramming
  2. Bradstreet and Taylor Slideshow
  3. Discuss & Read Puritan Poetry
  4. Huswifery Slideshow

HOMEWORK:  Do your homework by hand.  Do not type your homework. 

  • Read about FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE in this webpage.  .  Read the definition of CONCEIT on this other webpage.  Look up Write Cornell Notes about figurative language.  Tomorrow, you will write a poem using figurative language and conceit.  (If the webpage is not working, search for figurative language online)
  • Vocabulary for the week: Choose TEN words from your reading this week.  Choose one of the VOCABULARY exercises from your binder.
  • Grammar for the week: in the Sentence Diagramming Book, read pages 1-12.  Do ALL the exercises on pages 13 and 14 (15 exercises total).  Place these exercises in the GRAMMAR section of your binder.  Label the name of the book and the page numbers across the top of your paper.

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