E11 AGENDA 12/3-20- The Crucible Theater

  1. Prepare for Reader’s Theater. Performances are on Monday, December 18.
    You and a team will act out a SCENE from The Crucible.  Below are the requirements for your scene:

    • Keep the time to about 10-15 minutes max
    • Use PROPS and COSTUMES to create the scene. Your PROPS and COSTUMES do not need to be elaborate, but they should clearly define each CHARACTER, ACTION, and SETTING.
    • Each team member must memorize his/her lines. You may NOT read aloud from the SCRIPT.
    • The ACTORS in your SCENE must move during the play. This means body movement as well as walking and doing things as acting is occurring.
    • ACTORS must have clear DICTION—no mumbling, whispering or unintelligible speaking.
  2. Fill out Reader’s Theater worksheet
  3. Reader’s theater scripts
    1. readers theater act 1
    2. readers theater act 3


  • Work with your Reader’s Theater team.  Memorize your lines, prepare props, costumes, etc.
  • Writing Section: After presenting, write on paragraph discussing your experience acting out a scene from The Crucible.  How was it different from reading?  Did acting give you a deeper understanding of the action?  Explain.

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