E11 AGENDA 11/22 – The Crucible

  1. Read Arthur Miller’s – The Crucible in class out loud.
  2. In the WRITING section of your binder: For each day of reading, write one paragraph summarizing the action and reacting to it.  See homework below for details


  • No Grammar this week
  • Read Act III to page 85 (PROCTOR, his voice about to break…)
  • In the WRITING section of your binder, summarize each class’s reading AND REACT to it (did you like it?  What will happen next?)- one paragraph
    • 11/15 (Start of Act II)
    • 11/16 (Middle of Act II)
    • 11/17 (end of Act II)
    • 11/21 – Motivations of Tituba, Mary Warren, Abigail, Proctor, Hale
    • 11/22 – Act III to page 85, ONE PAGE
  • Work on Crucible worksheets.
  • Vocabulary for the week: Complete The Crucible Vocabulary according to the act we are currently reading.

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