E11 AGENDA 11/30 – The Mystery of Salem

  1. Work on  The Crucible Grammar Worksheets
  2. Read this article about possible medical causes for the mysterious affliction in Salem, 1692
  3. Read this article about Conversion Disorder and Mass Hysteria a psychological phenomenon that some psychologists think is linked to the events of Salem 1692.
  4. Watch


  • Work on  The Crucible Grammar Worksheets
  • In the WRITING section of your binder, write AT LEAST one paragraph discussing your views on the events of Salem, 1692.  Was it mysterious illness?  A psychological disorder?  Greed?  The devil?  What might have caused the girls to act the way they did?
  • In the WRITING section of your binder, summarize each class’s reading AND REACT to it (did you like it?  What will happen next?)- one paragraph
    • 11/15 – Start of Act II
    • 11/16 – Middle of Act II
    • 11/17 – End of Act II
    • 11/21 – Motivations of Tituba, Mary Warren, Abigail, Proctor, Hale
    • 11/22 – Act III to page 85, ONE PAGE
    • 11/27 – End of Act III
    • 11/29 – Start of Act IV
  • Work on Crucible worksheets.
  • Vocabulary for the week: Complete The Crucible Vocabulary according to the act we are currently reading.

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