E9 AGENDA 5/2: Yearbook Poetry Contest

  1. Write a poem for the poetry yearbook contest. The best poem from each grade level will be featured in the yearbook:
    • Topic: Being in 9th grade
    • Original Title
    • 3-4 stanzas
    • 20+ verses
    • Must have a rhyme scheme
    • Uses Imagery
    • Uses Figurative Language
  2. You can use the following online resources to help you write your poem
    1. Rhyme zone – End Rhyme
    2. Write Express – Includes different types of rhyme
    3. Dillfrog– A rhyming dictionary with lots of choices
    4. Rhymer – Another rhyming dictionary that includes examples and definitions for each kind of rhyme

 HOMEWORK:  Do your homework by hand.  Do not type your homework. 

  • Type your poem.

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