E11 AGENDA 4/25: Midterm Make Up

  1. Work on Transcendental Poem. Below are a few rhyming dictionaries to help you write in couplets.
    • Rhyme zone – End Rhyme
    • Write Express – Includes different types of rhyme
    • Dillfrog– A rhyming dictionary with lots of choices
    • Rhymer – Another rhyming dictionary that includes examples and definitions for each kind of rhyme
  2. Work on propaganda / logical fallacy slideshow.  Use the propaganda logical fallacies slideshow to help you.
    • Use the ten terms from the midterm.
    • Give a definition in your own words an example for each one.
    • The example can be an advertisement, political advertisement, or a verbal example.

HOMEWORK:  Do your homework by hand.  Do not type your homework. 

  • Vocabulary: Collect FIFTEEN words from your reading each week of this unit.  Do one of the exercises in the Binder_Vocabulary section.  Do not do exercise 1.
  • Work on your slideshow and poem.  These are due tomorrow.


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