E9 AGENDA 9/25: All Summer in a Day Movie

  1. Watch the movie: “All Summer in a Day”
  2. After watching, answer the following questions
    1. In what ways are the movie and the story different?
    2. Why was the plot of changed in some places in the movie?
    3. If you could make a movie for this story, what are some things you might do different?
    4. In the movie, Margot sees a spot of sunlight through the door.  Why was this changed in the movie, and what meaning does it have?
    5. At the end of the movie, all the children hold flowers then they give them to Margot.  What sort of meaning might this have?
    6. What do you like better, the story or the movie?  Why?

YouTube Link (In case movie below does not work)

HOMEWORK:  Read the following


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