Bart, Luo, pinhole camera research

[camera obscuras ], it looks so strange, and it uses simple physics to build a camera.

[pinhole camera example], it looks very nice, and not very easy to break.

[ditto], it is made of card board like ours, but it is more beautiful.

 [a photo taken by pinhole camera], so creative, it is like a soul run out of his body.

[ditto], it has the specialty from pinhole camera, looks so different from normal pictures.



Camera obscuras is a kind of equipment of light, it can let the images show on the screen, it was an equipment for drawing, also, it is the original camera.

A pinhole camera is almost camera obscura LV.2 for me, it can catch the image, that is more stronger than a camera obscura. But its images only have black and white.

I found a phrase related to camera obscura (black box)—a black box operation: the private practice of not letting others know




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