6 Anthia, About Me

                                                                                 introduction   myself

    hello everyone.I am very glad to stand here to give you my introduction. My name is Anthia.And my chinese name is Li shu yue. I’m 15 years old .My hometown is a beatifu coastall city ,Qingdao.I graduated from Qingdao NO.26 middle school.  I have lost of favorite such as I love ice-skeating .I‘ve been studing for it 3 years. It’s my favorite sports. I love lost of animals like cats,squirrels…My favorite colors  are black and white.My favorite subject is Chinese

      There are fewer opportunities to learn Chinese now, and I’m so sad.

       In the weekend I usually play vollyball with my parent,sometimes I see movies with my friends.Now,after listening to my introduction,do you know me well?

That’s all.Thank you!






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