2 Andy Ren, About Me

  • About myself and my family

Hi,my name is Andy. I like playing sport playing the jazz drums and listening music. My favorite sport is basketball. I often play basketball with my friends and my father. In my free time I like watching NBA with my brother. My favorite basketball team is Golden State warriors and my favorite basketball player is Stephen Curry,but I do not like Leblanc Jame. If you have time we can play basketball tougher and I think we will have a great time.

I want to pass into MIT but it far from me, so I want to provide my English in  this school. About my family. My father works very hard and busy. He want to give me a better environment and my mom often cooks delicious meal. It tastes really good. They give me so much love and encourage me when I have difficult. I love them forever.

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