2_Mario Jiao About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Mario. I would like to describe myself as a person with strongly contrary personalities. On the one hand, I am a couch potato. I can barely make myself stay at home for a whole day lying on a sofa to watch my favorite TV shows like China voices, or sleep for a whole day and wake up during the midnight! There are always people depicting me as a lazy panda, or a puppy pig since I always forgets things or behave stupid after hours of snaps.

On the other hand, I can definitely term myself as an tourist and adventurer. Overall, I have been to over 20 countries in the world, including southeast Asia, Southern Asia, Oceania, and Europe. During those exciting travel experiences I tried a great amount of things out, typically like trying different foods and attractive places like Galle in Sri Lanka. But my whole story is not only about traveling but also adventuring! This July me and my relatives went to Yellowstone National Park for camping. We lived in our hand-made tent, went hunting during the afternoon and captured insects for food. That was indeed an unforgettable experience in my life. That was a life experience that taught me how to survive in the wild environment.

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