Aaron,Li, Light Painting Reflection

Light Painting Self-Reflection

First, I created four pictures to reflect my inside and outside. In first photo, it shows a book, because i like reading and i am calm. In others views, i never context with friends. But inside, i will fight for myself in principle. So i created another three photos to show my inside mood. This photo actually is two light painting photos. I created them separate and then ps them together. In second photo, you can see a eye with blood, and lights halo. That means there is a principle in my mind, i know what should to do and what should not. I used laser, lighter, flash to finish this photo. Nevertheless, in the last two photos, they show my resistance with katana. I use cold color, blue and green, to reflect my grim and serious inside.

There are also lots of challenges in this project. I made lots of light painting which i really want to do. I don’t want to delete anyone. Therefore, i was considered, if i make two photos together. After i learned how to use Photoshop, i was amazed by it powerful feature. So i used ps to make several photos together. You can see the lights in the first picture very obviously. However, it is also a kind of successes in my work.

In the end, this is my first time to know about light painting. It was so gorgeous but difficult. Taking light painting is a amazing experience for me. In my mind, photos just show scene that human eye’s can see. but light painting is such different. We can’t actually see these scenes with our eyes in real life. It is a kind of time-lapse photography. And i believe, so many people will be fascinated in light painting just like me.

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