1 Gao Jimmy, About Me

This is the article about me. I live with my parents and grandparents, and I live in a province which is far away from Qingdao, and I need by plane to get my home. Every vacation for school I make it become a chance to vist to my family. About my hobbies, I think the thing I interesting is dancing, the street dance, the HIPHOP street culture. And  that why you see me always wear fleeces or over size clothes, I also got so many friends in my dance studio, they treat me like we are a big family, and I think they are all my brothers and sisters, in that moment, I decide dance will be a part of my life, these people will be a part of my life. Dancing is part of my life, and it’s very important for me. Also, the family I think is more important to everything, but dancing.By the way, music is also part of my life, so that why I love dancing.

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