5_Chen, Gabriel, About Me

My name is Gabriel. I am in Pegasus California School. And I am in the 11th grade. Also, I lived in Shandong, Qingdao which is a beautiful seaside city. My favorite thing is soccer. And I lived with my parents but one day I will leave them. Also, I have lots of friend in Pegasus.

The most interesting thing I think is soccer. The most thing that soccer attract me is teamwork. Everyone needs to pull together. And that is why we have good relations with other. 

I loved my family not only because they brought me. Also, they are my best friends. I like to talk to them because they are considerate. 

I have many friends. Someone who you know and like very much and enjoy spending time with is my friend. They treat me very well. I like them very much. We can help each other. We also can spend a good time with each other.

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